RxDisposal™ Launches the Most Affordable and Effective On-Site Medication Disposal Solution, Effectively Eliminating the Diversion of Unused Drugs

NarcX™ is the ONLY DEA-Compliant Liquid Solution for the On-Site Neutralization and Destruction of Unused, Unwanted or Expired Medications

LINDON, UT—February 21, 2018—RxDisposal™, a Utah-based company, announced today the launch of their flagship product, NarcX™, the most affordable and effective option for the on-site disposal of unused, unwanted or expired medications. Their patent-pending solution is the only DEA-compliant product of its kind and effectively eliminates the potential for the diversion of unused medications—one of the biggest contributors to the drug epidemic currently plaguing the U.S. and other countries.

NarcX is an environmentally safe, liquid-based solution that immediately breaks down tablets, capsules and liquid medications to meet the DEA definition of non-retrievable. Compounds are neutralized in under two hours, eliminating the need for incineration, and natural agents in the solution make the product indigestible to further prevent diversion.

Traditional medication disposal methods such as on-site collection bins—which are the most commonly used method—are governed by expensive DEA-regulated protocols for monitoring, retrieval and disposal and require incineration. This new method will save large medical facilities such as hospitals, clinics and pharmacies up to 40-60% annually by eliminating that need.

Depleted bottles of NarcX can be disposed of in the trash, returned through one of RxDisposal’s authorized third-party vendors or collected by a local waste management company.

Changing the Landscape of Drug Diversion

According to RxDisposal Co-Founder David A. Schiller, a former DEA Assistant Special Agent in Charge with more than 30 years of experience with the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), “The timely and compliant on-site destruction of unwanted, unused or expired controlled and non-controlled substances is essential to combating the opioid epidemic. Diversion of prescription drugs is killing thousands of individuals in every city in America, every year, and it has to stop. This solution will change the medication addiction landscape forever.”

The Genesis of NarcX

Utah entrepreneur Ryan Sawicki established RxDisposal after visits to pharmacies, hospitals and medical providers revealed that there was a lack of understanding of DEA policy for collecting unwanted medications combined with a low adoption rate for proper and legal medication disposal. Additional research showed that there really was no safe, cost-effective option available.

“Most facilities use traditional methods, such as collection bins,” says Sawicki. “Unfortunately, the traditional method entails stockpiling unused medications, making them vulnerable to diversion by addicts, healthcare workers and other individuals who have legitimate access to the drugs.”

Tapping the expertise of veteran chemical engineer Christian Kasteler, Sawicki and Schiller worked to develop a proprietary formula with the goal of providing a safe and eco-friendly solution that would eliminate the potential for drug diversion at a fraction of the cost. After months of research and testing, NarcX was the culmination of those efforts. The product has been validated by an independent DEA-registered laboratory that specializes in pharmaceutical analytical testing (narcx.com/test-data).

RxDisposal Plans Tiered Launch

With validation completed and manufacturing in place, RxDisposal will begin to immediately market NarcX in the U.S. with plans to expand into international markets sometime in the next year. According to Sawicki, “The first phase of NarcX’s product’s roll-out will be focused on hospitals, pharmacies, law enforcement, medical practitioners and DEA-registered reverse distributors, since we believe that is where we can make the greatest impact.”

NarcX offers a solution for every need—from occasional disposal of medications to comprehensive destruction of controlled and non-controlled substances collected in drug take-back programs. NarcX is currently available in six sizes ranging from 55-gallon drums to 32-ounce bottles.  For more information or to purchase NarcX, contact RxDisposal at 1.800.307.2514, email sales@narcx.com, or visit the corporate website at www.narcx.com.

About RxDisposal

RxDisposal is the leader in on-site medication disposal. Its patent-pending and environmentally safe product, NarcX™, is the only liquid solution and on-site disposal option that is compliant with DEA policy and the Code of Federal Regulations. The proprietary blend of ingredients in NarcX immediately dissolves tablets, capsules and liquids, fully neutralizing compounds in under two hours as validated by an independent DEA-registered laboratory. Headquartered in Vineyard, Utah, RxDisposal manufactures NarcX in its GMP-compliant facility and currently distributes its products in the U.S. with plans to expand into international markets.

RxDisposal was founded with a mission to combat the diversion of narcotics, amphetamines, opiates and other frequently-abused controlled substances and to provide a convenient and affordable disposal option for unused, unwanted or expired medications. Through education and outreach, RxDisposal supports organizations in becoming compliant for medication disposal and destruction.

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