Technical Document: The Unique On-Site Medication & Drug Disposal Method created by NarcX Solutions, Inc.

This document presents a technical evaluation of NarcX Solutions, Inc.’s on-site medication disposal products, asserting that it is the only method available that fully meets the DEA/CFR rules and regulations for immediate, non-retrievable disposal of unwanted and stockpiled medications and drugs on-site.

Through an analysis of available disposal methods and a comparison with NarcX & NarcX+’s patented technology, this document demonstrates the uniqueness and efficacy of the two NarcX Solutions products in ensuring compliance, safety, and environmental responsibility in the disposal of pharmaceutical waste.

Pharmaceutical drug waste has been an ever-growing problem that is underreported and wreaks havoc on our environment. Not only does our environment suffer but unnecessary waste opens the door to further drug diversion and abuse by not destroying the drugs on-site, eliminating the need for stockpiling and reverse distributors.

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The proper disposal of unwanted and stockpiled medications and drugs presents significant challenges for healthcare facilities, pharmacies, law enforcement agencies, and many other DEA registrants.

Traditional drug disposal methods by these organizations often involve physical collection of the drugs by reverse distributors, followed by off-site transportation to an EPA-approved incinerator. This outdated process results in significant risks including drug diversion, drug abuse, environmental contamination, and compliance issues.

NarcX Solutions offers two products designed to address these challenges by providing an on-site, immediate disposal method for pharmaceuticals and illicit drugs, ensuring that they are non-retrievable and environmentally safe.

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NarcX Solutions On-Site Disposal Methods

NarcX Solutions, Inc. offers two flagship products called NarcX and NarcX+. NarcX & NarcX+’s technology is centered around a proprietary liquid solution that immediately neutralizes and destroys active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), rendering them non-retrievable and safe for disposal. The process meets the stringent requirements set forth by regulatory bodies, including the DEA, for the on-site destruction of controlled substances and other medications as well as illicit substances like fentanyl, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, THC, and more.

The regular NarcX product was designed and formulated to dispose of Schedule 2-5 drugs, including Opioids/Narcotics/Pain relievers, Depressants (benzodiazepines, tranquilizers, barbiturates, sedatives), Stimulants, and other commonly abused prescription medications. It also disposes of all over the counter (OTC) medications and drugs. This regular version of NarcX is so effective it has been validated and proven to work on drugs like Oxycodone in less than 5 minutes. Rendering it non-retrievable and destroyed forever.

The NarcX+ product was designed to be used more by law enforcement and government agencies. However, many other types of organizations utilize NarcX+ due to its strength. NarcX+ was formulated to destroy and dispose of harmful illicit street drugs on-site. By doing this you increase officer safety and eliminate the risk of drug diversion and abuse. NarcX+ has been tested and validated by multiple criminal laboratories and proven to dispose of harmful street drugs like illicit fentanyl, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, THC, and more. Recently, NarcX+ was tested and validated by The Center for Science Research and Education laboratory and proved it can dispose of illicit fentanyl tablets in less than 5 minutes. Rendering the fentanyl non-retrievable and destroyed forever.

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Key Features

Immediate Destruction & Disposal: Both NarcX products begin to neutralize medications & drugs upon contact, ensuring rapid destruction of APIs. This immediately meets the DEA’s strict requirement for non-retrievability, meaning once a substance is placed in any of the NarcX containers, it cannot be extracted or abused.


On-Site Disposal: The NarcX and NarcX+ product systems allow for the destruction of medications, or illicit drugs, directly at the point of collection, eliminating many of the risks associated with handling, stockpiling, drug diversion, theft, transportation, and off-site processing.


Environmental Safety: The two formulas are designed to be environmentally friendly, with the end by-products that are safe for standard solid-waste landfills. The products have been soil tested and meet all EPA solid-waste landfill requirements.


Regulatory Compliance: NarcX & NarcX+’s formula technology complies with federal and state regulations for the disposal of controlled & illicit substances, offering peace of mind to institutions responsible for medication and illicit drug disposal.


Versatility: The system can handle a wide range of pharmaceutical forms, including pills, liquids, and patches, making it a comprehensive solution for all types of medication waste. The products are also scalable to handle larger volumes of drugs. For example, NarcX+ can be shipped in large volumes in the hundreds of gallons, to handle large drug seizures at a country’s port of entry.


Comparison with Other Methods

Other available methods for the disposal of medications and illicit drugs, such as incineration, mail-back programs, and off-site chemical digestion, do not offer the same level of immediacy, safety, and convenience as NarcX and NarcX+. Incineration, while effective in destroying medications, requires transportation to specialized facilities and poses environmental concerns due to emissions. The EPA has closed numerous incineration facilities over the years due to environmental issues and violations. Mail-back programs and off-site processing also involve transportation risks and delays in destruction, leaving a window for potential diversion.


Technical Analysis

The efficacy of NarcX & NarcX+ is underpinned by rigorous scientific research and testing, which have demonstrated its ability to rapidly neutralize and dispose of a wide range of APIs and illicit drugs. The chemical process involved in the NarcX and NarcX+ formulas ensures that once a medication or illicit drug is submerged, its active ingredients are broken down and destroyed, making them non-retrievable and safe for disposal.


Regulatory Considerations

Both products align with the DEA’s guidelines for the secure disposal of controlled and illicit substances, which emphasize the importance of rendering drugs “non-retrievable.” The on-site destruction capability of both products ensures that medications are disposed of in a manner that prevents diversion and abuse, a key concern for regulatory agencies. Which NarcX and NarcX+ do in as little as a few minutes.


Environmental Impact

The environmental safety of NarcX & NarcX+’s disposal method has been a significant consideration in its development. The solution is formulated to minimize ecological impact, with end by-products that are safe for disposal in standard waste management systems, mitigating the risk of pharmaceutical contamination in waterways and soil. The final product at the time of discarding is an eco-friendly sludge.


NarcX & NarcX+’s on-site medication and illicit drug destruction solutions stand out as the only method that offers immediate, safe, and environmentally responsible destruction of unwanted and stockpiled medications and illicit drugs.

Both products combine immediate neutralization, regulatory compliance, and environmental safety positioning it as the premier choice for healthcare facilities, pharmacies, and law enforcement agencies seeking an effective solution for the disposal of pharmaceutical and illicit drug waste.

By adopting NarcX Solutions Inc. technology, these entities can ensure the secure, responsible, and compliant disposal of medications and illicit drugs, contributing to the prevention of drug diversion, death, and environmental contamination.

biodegradable drug disposal solution

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