A common misconception is that drug disposal must take lots of time or learning to do it properly to keep people safe. While it is vitally important that drug disposal be done properly for everyone’s safety, it doesn’t have to be a difficult, time-consuming thing. At NarcX, we have made it our goal to create a product that everyone can use, from home to offices to warehouses, that is safe and efficient. Our on-site drug disposal solution is safe and easy to use, so you don’t have to worry about improperly disposing of drugs or trying to keep others safe while around this disposal solution. We believe in keeping people safe, and one highly effective way to do so is through a safe and easy-to-use drug disposal solution that can be taken and used anywhere. 


Why on-site drug disposal?

Every year, tens of thousands of deaths are caused by drug overdoses, many of which were accidental drug uses. This could be from extra drugs in a medicine cabinet, pills lying around the home or office, or a number of other scenarios. Hospitals, medical facilities, police stations, and other facilities have access to drugs on a regular basis that are in need of disposal that don’t get taken care of quickly enough and are at risk for being used, either on purpose or accidentally. Children and seniors are at higher risks when around these situations due to not fully understanding the danger these pills and drugs can cause.  

With all of these situations, a simple solution is an on-site drug disposal option that would safely and quickly eliminate the risks of excess drugs. That’s where our solution comes in. NarcX has created a liquid solution that is safe to have in homes and hospitals, senior centers and police stations. No matter where the need, we have the inventory available to help keep as many people safe as we can.  


Why choose NarcX?

From the beginning, our one goal at NarcX has been to make this world a little safer every day through our on-site drug disposal solution. By creating a solution so easy to use and safe for any situation, families, companies, communities, law enforcement, and more can use NarcX to protect against drug abuse. By disposing of drugs on-site, you lessen the risk of unnecessary pills being taken on purpose or by accident. The drugs are deemed neutralized almost immediately, making it safe even if someone were to drink the solution. Our entire staff is dedicated to making this affordable solution available to all and help eliminate risks for friends, family, neighbors, and beyond.

What drugs does NarcX dispose of?

Our liquid solution breaks down and neutralizes both controlled and non-controlled substances. These include tablets, capsules, liquids, opiates, amphetamines, and time-release capsules. Within two hours, each of these is neutralized. Many are neutralized in a matter of minutes. Our solution is not intended for medication patches or needles of any kind.


Is NarcX safe to have anywhere?

NarcX is currently the only liquid on-site disposal solution that meets DEA policy and the Code of Federal Regulations. By creating an on-site solution for drug disposal, no incineration is needed, making it the most affordable and effective option for on-site drug disposal depending on local laws. This allows pills to be immediately disposed of without waiting for pick up. There is also a tamper-resistant seal on each bottle or drum of NarcX to seal the solution once the liquid has been depleted.

Our unique liquid solution is very safe and renders drugs useless quickly while the liquid itself contains natural agents to induce vomiting should it be ingested. This creates a safe option even if a person were to ingest the pills after they are put in the solution. Once the liquid is depleted, bottles can be disposed of in the trash and drums can be returned by a third-party vendor, so you don’t have to worry about empty bottles lying around waiting for incineration.


How easy is NarcX to use?

Both the bottles and drums at NarcX have large openings so pills can be thrown in quickly and easily for safety. The outside contains clearly marked labels along with a fill line to mark when the disposal capacity has reached its limit and must be replaced. It’s as easy as dropping the pills in the liquid and sealing the container. Whether you’re looking for an at-home solution or are inquiring for a hospital, community outreach, police station, etc., NarcX is simple to use and safe for any situation.


Where can I purchase NarcX?

Our unique and effective liquid on-site drug disposal solution can be purchased online or by calling our office. Our staff will ask a series of questions to better understand your needs for NarcX and put together a quote based on those needs. Each of our products serves a specific purpose based on volume needed, and we always want to ensure you have enough of this solution on hand to avoid any accidents.



For questions about our on-site liquid drug disposal or for quotes on purchasing NarcX, you can contact our office by phone during regular office hours or form or email any time. We look forward to working with you and keeping our friends, loved ones, and patients safe from the unnecessary accidents caused by undisposed drugs in open areas. Let’s work together to make this world a safer place to live in.


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