Who We Are

An Advocate Against Drug Diversion


NarcX® was founded to combat the diversion of narcotics, amphetamines, opiates and other frequently-abused controlled substances and to provide a convenient and affordable disposal option for unused, unwanted or expired tablets, capsules and liquid medications.

Our patented environmentally-safe NarcX® solution is the ONLY available DEA-compliant liquid option for on-site medication destruction.

Our Mission

NarcX® is a cause-driven organization working with medical practitioners and community partners who are drug diversion advocates in their own rights. We provide solutions to hospitals, pharmacies, medical practices, law enforcement agencies, government or tribal agencies and other public-facing organizations that care about protecting their local communities from the impacts of improperly disposed-of and improperly used medications.

Through our educational programs and resources, we provide support to medical personnel, fire and police departments and other health service organizations in their efforts to become compliant with DEA policy and the Code of Federal Regulations for medication disposal and destruction.

The Science of NarcX®

Our unique patented solution works quickly and effectively to breakdown controlled and non-controlled substances to render pills, tablets, capsules, powders, liquids, and patches non-retrievable.

David A. Schiller

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

David Schiller is a former DEA Assistant Special Agent in Charge with over 30 years of experience with the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). Beginning with his hiring as a Special Agent in 1987, he was involved in investigating some of the largest criminal drug trafficking organizations throughout the world. After serving as the Executive Assistant to the Assistant Administrator in Arlington, Virginia, Schiller was reassigned in 2009 as the Assistant Special Agent in Charge (ASAC) for the Denver Field Division. He was subsequently assigned complete supervisory oversight for the DEA’s Diversion Program. This included supervisory oversight of all of the Tactical Diversion Squads and Diversion Groups in Colorado, Utah, Montana and Wyoming. In this capacity, Schiller led the investigation of all criminal, administrative, and civil cases affecting every one of DEA’s Registrants, including manufacturers, distributors, pharmacies, hospitals, narcotic treatment providers and doctors.

In 2015, Schiller was selected to be the Vice Chair of DEA’s Diversion Field Advisory Committee (DFAC), with ultimate responsibility for coordinating all diversion related matters for every one of DEA’s 21 Field Divisions in the United States. He ended his distinguished career by finalizing the largest administrative and civil settlement against a DEA Registrant in history—the McKesson Corporation. He retired from DEA in August 2017. Schiller’s vast experience and background was invaluable in co-founding NarcX® and contributing to the development of its game-changing products.

Christian Kasteler

Director of Research & Development & Co-Founder

Christian Kasteler is a Chemical Engineer with an emphasis in Bio-Chemical Engineering, working for over 15 years in the pharmaceutical industry. Christian believes that science and engineering can directly improve lives and enjoys taking an idea from concept to production. When tasked with developing a new product, he takes pride in delivering tangible, effective results that exceed expectations.

Christian has spent his career developing and producing pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and medical devices. Christian is naturally curious and thrives on focusing his sharp, scientific mind on solving problems and creating effective solutions. Throughout his career, he has refined the processing of biodegradable polymers for esophageal chemotherapy treatment; developed innovative oral care products presently used within the dental industry; and worked as the Director of R&D for a compounding pharmacy. Christian currently serves as the Director of Research and Development at Dynamic Blending where he continues to generate positive results by developing a variety of drug, device, and cosmetic products. Christian’s experience was invaluable in the development of the NarcX® solution. When approached with the idea of creating a drug disposal product, he relied on his scientific expertise to develop the only DEA compliant medication destruction method available today. Christian is proud to be a part of the NarcX® team. Christian holds a B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Utah.

Gavin V. Collier

Chairman of the Board & Co-Founder

Gavin began his education at Brigham Young University where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Biology. His major included emphasis in chemistry as well as Molecular, Micro and Evolutionary Biology. With his scientific knowledge, Gavin worked in chemical formulations Research and Development for several years. Thereafter, Gavin continued his education and attended Law School where he earned his Doctor of Jurisprudence.

Gavin is a licensed attorney in the State of Utah and practiced in Federal and State Court. Gavin has demonstrated again and again his skill as a trial attorney and skilled negotiator. Gavin is aggressive, highly organized and extremely detailed in all that he does. Gavin is also an entrepreneur and has co-founded Dynamic Blending Specialists, NarcX® as well as many other successful businesses.

Languages: English & Spanish

Jordan Erskine

Principal & Co-Founder

Jordan Erskine is a highly motivated entrepreneurial individual who has co-founded many successful businesses. Jordan has over 16 years in the personal care/skin care industry. Jordan currently serves as President for the award-winning contract manufacturer Dynamic Blending.

Jordan has spent his entire career in the manufacturing and R&D world. Jordan started his career at a large contract manufacturing facility, Wasatch Product Development, in Draper Utah. At Wasatch Product Development he wore many hats in R&D, manufacturing, formulations, etc. He spent many years in R&D developing new and innovative personal care/skin care products. Jordan then moved on to a large dental manufacturing firm named Ultradent Products, Inc. Here, Jordan formulated and provided technical formulations assistance for two large Fortune 500 company accounts, Glaxo Smith-Kline and Colgate-Palmolive.

Jordan is passionate about helping to solve or mitigate the opioid epidemic. Jordan, and the rest of the dedicated NarcX® team, is excited to bring the only on-site medication disposal method to the market.

Jordan holds an MBA in International Business from Northeastern University.

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