Cannabis Disposal

Safe & Effective Cannabis Disposal

Introducing NarcX+, the revolutionary solution transforming the disposal of cannabis, THC, and CBD products. NarcX+ has been independently validated to render THC and CBD non-retrievable. Formulated and developed with the environment in mind, NarcX+ stands out as the premier, eco-friendly alternative to traditional cannabis disposal methods that often harm our planet.

Our cutting-edge formula instantly neutralizes cannabis products, rendering them non-recoverable and non-retrievable, ensuring the drug is gone forever. This innovative approach not only reduces substantial risk but also upholds our commitment to sustainability & compliance.




The unique and powerful NarcX+ formula safely destroys and disposes of Cannabis, THC, CBD, and other by-products quickly. This ensures the drugs cannot be diverted and abused. NarcX+ can handle large volumes of cannabis drug waste.   

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Be Compliant and Help the Environment

NarcX+ is the only independently validated method of on-site destruction by a criminal laboratory that meets and exceeds the DEA’s strict definition of non-retrievable for THC and CBD. It was developed for ease and efficiency, allowing you to safely dispose of unwanted or expired cannabis-related products without a second thought about environmental impact. 

NarcX+ has also been soil tested against strict EPA/USP specifications and passes all ensuring it is safe for the trash and municipal solid waste landfill. It’s not just a product; it’s a pledge to protect our planet while providing a secure solution for cannabis disposal. With NarcX+, you’re not just disposing of waste; you’re contributing to a sustainable world. Embrace the responsible choice—NarcX+. 

*NarcX+ is in accordance with the CFR and EPA guidelines.

Simple & Easy to Use

How to Use NarcX+®

• First, open NarcX+® container.
• Second, carefully add cannabis, THC, CBD into NarcX+® liquid.
• Third, carefully close the NarcX+® lid or cap. Use caution as liquid can stain certain surfaces.
• Next, agitate or shake the container, ensuring the NarcX+® liquid completely covers the drug and can start penetrating the THC or CBD. 
• The container is full when the liquid reaches the top threads of the container.



Cannabis, THC, CBD substances are rendered “non- recoverable“ and “non- retrievable” on-site, eliminating the need for incineration.*


Cannabis, THC, CBD begin to dissolve immediately and are rendered non-retrievable in under a few hours.


Begins to work quickly with powerful vomit inducers in the formula to deter addicts or from trying to tamper with the product.


NarcX+® is easy to use, when the container is full simply seal and throw away right into the trash.


NarcX+® is the most cost-efficient way to compliantly discard of unused, unwanted waste of cannabis, THC, CBD.


The NarcX+® solution was formulated to be secure as soon as the drugs can react with the solution. It works too quickly to tamper with.


NarcX+® is the only on-site method of destruction that is in accordance with DEA, CFR, and EPA policy.


Environmentally safe (independently validated), meaning you can toss depleted solution right into the trash or municipal sanitary landfill.