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NarcX is disrupting the industry with innovative & creative solutions.


Incredibly Simple

Our unique and patent-pending product, NarcX®, is the ONLY liquid solution that immediately renders pills, tablets, capsules, and liquids non-divertible and ultimately non-retrievable—and the only on-site method of medication destruction that is DEA compliant.


Entirely Biodegradable

Our products are environmentally safe, meaning you can toss depleted solutions right into the trash. Pills, Tablets, capsules, and liquids begin to dissolve immediately and become non-retrievable in under 2 hours. NarcX is a fully biodegradable medication disposal solution for your home or office.


Safe And Secure

Compounds are rendered non-retrievable on site, eliminating the need for incineration. Additionally, medications are indiscernible and indigestible in the solution to discourage tampering, keeping both controlled and non controlled substances out of the wrong hands.

An Advocate Against
Drug Diversion

NarcX® was founded to combat the diversion of narcotics, amphetamines, opiates and other frequently-abused controlled substances and to provide a convenient and affordable disposal option for unused, unwanted or expired tablets, capsules and liquid medications.

Meet Juan Riboldi

Juan serves as NarcX Strategic Advisor assisting the executive team on strategic decisions to deliver critical results, including capital strategies, capitalization initiatives and investor relations.

Juan brings extensive experience working across the US and internationally with well-known Fortune 50 corporations and fast-growing private enterprises.

With a strong entrepreneurial background, Juan assists NarcX executives to identify, qualify, launch and onboard strategic partnerships.

Juan has a Masters degree in Business Management with an emphasis in Strategy, Organization, Leadership and Mergers & Acquisitions from BYU, Harvard School of Business and Wharton Business School.

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