5 Ways You Can Help Prevent Opioid Abuse
June 19, 2018

There are a slew of different ways to prevent opioid abuse, and you can help. The opioid epidemic does not just fall on the hands of large pharmacies, hospitals, or healthcare facilities, but to every person who comes in contact with medications. We are here to tell you five things that you can do to help prevent opioid abuse.



So you just had a major knee surgery, and the pain is ever-so present. Your doctor most likely has prescribed you some type of opioid to help ease pain. Many painkiller prescriptions are intended to be used for short time periods and are expected to be less needed as time goes on. Many over-the-counter medications can help with pain as well, but if the prescribed medication is necessary, you can prevent opioid abuse by knowing when you no longer need it. It’s important to know the difference between your needs and wants when it comes to pain medication.



If you have other family members or friends that either live in the household or that may visit you during the time you have a current prescription, it should be a top priority of yours to properly store your medication. Many cases of opioid abuse stem from the person obtaining medication from a family member or friend. Do your part and keep medications in a secure location and out of the hands of those who it does not belong to. This is also an important safety precaution for those with younger children.


It is important to understand that you are responsible for your medication. When a prescription is written out, it is prescribed to one person and one person only. Sharing medications is not only illegal, but it is extremely dangerous. By understanding your responsibility, you can help to prevent misuse of medications and ultimately help to save lives.



Many people think that once they no longer need an opioid that they can “save it for later”. This is not only dangerous, but it is ineffective. Opioids are typically meant for short-term use. If your pain subsides earlier than the suggested timeframe for use, you should move forward with steps for medication disposal. By saving medications to be used for later, you are chancing the development of addictive behavior, not only leaving yourself open to it but other family members or friends in your household.



One of the most important things you can do to prevent opioid abuse is incorporate a proper medication disposal method. This is something that should be done for households, pharmacies, clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities. Our NarcX solution is convenient, easy to use, cost efficient, and extremely effective. The solution will neutralize compounds right on site; tablets and capsules begin to dissolve immediately and become fully neutralized in under two hours; and it meets DEA policy and the Federal Code of Regulations. Eliminate your unwanted, unused, or expired medications to be part of the solution to end the opioid epidemic.

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