Unemployment Rate Reaches New Heights
May 15, 2018

Unemployement Rate Reaches New Heights

The opioid epidemic has impacted many people and economical areas, directly affecting hundreds of thousands of people across the globe. Children are being taken from their homes and put into foster care; adults and teens are overdosing every day; hospitals are being flooded with new opioid addiction cases; and the list goes on and on. With opioid addiction taking over the lives of many people, it’s no wonder that it’s now being debated whether or not the rise of unemployed individuals is tied to the epidemic.

“In 2016, Princeton economist Alan Krueger made headlines with a shocking finding that nearly half of prime age men (or men ages 25 to 54) who are not in the labor force take pain medication on a daily basis. Two-thirds of those men—or about 2 million—take prescription pain medication on a daily basis” (brookings.edu). Let us clarify, half of the prime age men who are not in the labor force are taking pain medications NOT prescribed to them. This typically would mean that there is an addiction issue, since there is not a legit enough reason for the person to receive a prescription from their doctor.

It is still being determined whether or not opioid abuse issues are causing the rise in unemployment rates or if the unemployment rates are causing people to turn to opioid addiction. According to Equitable Growth, “Areas with higher unemployment rates, even during expansions, are predicted to have higher opioid-induced deaths and emergency room visits,” but regardless of these findings, it is clear that the decrease in labor force and the opioid crisis are relatable in many parts of the U.S.

With so many areas being affected, it’s important for every single person to play their part in trying to bring an end to the epidemic. Medication disposal is the easiest way to play your part and can significantly impact the amount of opioid overdoses our country experiences. At Rx Disposal, we thrive on putting an end to the opioid epidemic, and we are confident that NarcX is part of the solution.

When you receive your NarcX solution, whether you are an individual, pharmacy, hospital, or clinic, you will be able to render medications immediately non-retrievable. NarcX even contains a deterrent that makes medications indiscernible and indigestible, to discourage people from tampering and therefore helping your healthcare facility or household to be free from drug diversion and opioid use temptation.

With the rising cost in medication disposal methods, including holding and transportation, NarcX gives you the opportunity to make an impact on your household and/or community by shipping the product right to your door, allowing you to dispose of medications right on site, both quickly and efficiently. We see the problem with disposal methods, and we know that it’s the failure of these methods that contributes greatly to medications being put in the wrong hands, leading to opioid addiction and/or overdoses. Use an eco-friendly, DEA policy and Federal Code of Regulations compliant product. Keep your family and your community safe. Be part of the solution. 1.303.434.1630






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